The North Tyneside 3-7 SCITT benefits from a well established and continually developing partnership between North Tyneside schools and North Tyneside LA. The SCITT is managed through a Consortium consisting of over twenty core schools and representatives from the LA. Teaching staff from the schools involved in supporting trainees meet regularly with centre based staff through a series of management committees. Teachers from schools work together with LA and centre based staff to provide a coherent training experience and to ensure that trainees meet the Teaching Agency Teachers' Standards for QTS. School Based Tutors and Professional Guidance Tutors provide academic and personal support and assist trainees in devising individual action plans and setting targets in order that maximum benefit is gained from the placement experience.
Most trainees acknowledge that a substantial proportion of their learning to become teachers derives from experience in schools. What we aim to achieve, here at the North Tyneside 3-7 SCITT, is a synthesis of learning opportunities characterised by structured experience in school and reflection and discussion both in school and in centre-based training.